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GM Greetings

Dear friends,

The animal husbandry now faces the threat of widespread of antimicrobials and on-going outbreaks of viral diseases, which is a growing menace to the animal health. The resistance pathogens resulting from the use of antimicrobial in food-producing animals has impact on the quality and safety of animal-derived food and the human health if these pathogens enter the food chain. Overcoming antimicrobial resistance is a worldwide public health action plan. Research on alternative to antimicrobials is top priority action item.

Together with Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Tangtian Technology Co., Ltd. successfully developed the SACCHARICTERPENIN feed additive through working on the projects "R&D on Safe and Novel Alternative to Antibiotics in Feeds" and "R&D of Novel Immunomodulator Against Viruses " of the National Hi-Tech R&D Program of China(863 Program).

We believe that as long as we keep our company philosophy of working "committed to food safety & human health", along with our brand strategy, Tangtian will be a professional animal health company in the world.